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Change nothing. Continue doing the same.

SET Customer Survey
Everything is good. This is my 4th or 5th lease.

SET Customer Survey
Keep up the good service.

SET Customer Survey
Continue to provide excellent service.

SET Customer Survey
We are always pleased with Lipton.

SET Customer Survey
I find the dealership to be staffed with friendly and effective personnel and I appreciate that.

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Dealer should continue being loyal to long term customers who have been loyal to them.

SET Customer Survey
Keep giving good service.

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As long as Andrew Baptiste is employed at Lipton Toyota I will continue to be a loyal customer.

SET Customer Survey
Great service. I¹m happy.

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Great friendly staff. Keep Eric Jones.

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Keep the fresh coffee going, as you already do while I wait.

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Keep up the good work. Matthew was kind, professional and right on point with any needs.


Jennifer Balbone

Longtime customer. I had a horrible experience at Hollywood Toyota and a friend recommended Lipton Toyota, that was 13 years ago. It is nice to see that the same guys are still there. Don't change a thing.


Joyce Star

My daughter just got a new Corolla from here, Bambi, Mounir and Keila were very helpful! Best experience!


Mary Noa-Kempner

To date, my spouse and I have leased a total of four vehicles from this dealership- all within the past three years due to family needs. They have obviously earned our repeat business. When dealing with the dealership, we have always dealt with Shaheed. Having been previously "traumatized" by many previous dealers and car salesman, once we discovered Lipton and Shaheed , that remains our place - and will remain our place, to do business concerning car leasing and /or purchasing. No nonsense shell and nut games -or smoke and mirrors, Shaheed will tell you over the phone or in person what he can do and when you arrive, there are no surprises or increases. Very smooth and professional dealership to deal with - from the sales department all the way through service. When you go there, be sure and ask for Shaheed.


Joelle G

Amazing experience just bought my first car here! Shaeed is great, he was very alert and attentive and patient with helping me choose a car and not to mention hilarious. And with the help of Russle too he was very amusing, kind and specific with helping choose the packages. Great customer service. We were one of the last people at the dealer and they waited and helped us. Will send my mom here to get a new car also.


4runner "thanks" Great car buying experience. Al Henderson my sales rep was very kind and accommodating. I was looking for something else but because of his suggestion ended up in a SUV I really love!


Stacy Sun and Moon

I had the best experience ever! My husband called and spoke to the Internet manager Barbara Damon to help our daughter with her first car. She took the time to not only make sure someone showed and drove several cars with my daughter but also called us back and explained step by step the options my daughter had. My daughter now has a new car, comfortable payment and did not had to deal with the typical sales process of back and forth etc. I will definitely recommend Lipton Toyota to everyone and make sure you ask for the manager, she is amazing!


K.C. Guy

I just had the best customer service experience from Matt Pearson. He went above and beyond what was required to provide such a great customer experience, I had to post this. I look forward to coming back.



"Lipton scores!" Courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonable is how I would summarize my experience at Lipton Toyota. Buying a vehicle from the used car side of this dealership proved to be a pleasurable experience. Special kudos to my salesman, Cary, for being so helpful and eager to please. The manager, Rob, was quick to respond to my text messages and did a great job of keeping the lines of communication open. They were also very accommodating when I requested an alarm be installed in my vehicle. The team really came together when it looked like it wasn't going to be possible and they made it happen. I am very happy with my purchase and Lipton Toyota made that possible. Thanks, guys!



"AWSOME EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!" We are a repeat customer WHY? 9 YEARS OF AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! THEY ALWAYS HAVE EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS WHEN SERVICING OUR CAR!!! THEN you add Shaheed Khan who is a TRUE SALES PROFESSIONAL in every sense of the word!! He provided a out the door quote via email and STUCK to it!!! NO HIDDEN SURPRISES at the finance table!! Lipton Toyota Is A HUGE STEP ABOVE THE OTHER DEALERS IN THE AREA!!


Tulio Miguel Olivares

"Excellent Service Gracias AL!" The service in the dealership was great I strongly recommend Al Hernandez as a seller! The whole team is great and they help me out a lot.


Barney A.

I had an excellent service experience at Lipton Toyota yesterday. My Highlander has been reminding me that the one-year ToyotaCare maintenance is near. Called Lipton, explained what I wanted, and got the appointment for the date/time I wanted. Spent a few minutes with Alex, a service advisor (and nice guy), who completed my setup and reviewed an additional item I wanted. Gave me a time guesstimate of one hour plus, and they did it timely. Pleasant folks all around.


Osniel Garcia

Paseando y mirando ofertas


Marian Metzger

Fifth Prius since 2002. I read some of these reviews and must say this if you go in knowing what you want and know what YOU can afford you won't have these issues. Tony and Louis are who you need to speak with they will NOT d**k you around. I was in and out in less then two hours. From test drive to on the road. AGAIN know what you want and what you want to pay!!!!


Edward Redondo

3 years ago I leased my first toyota from this dealership and also met Shaheed the salesman that handled the transaction. I would like to say that he treated me and my family just like family. That's why I returned today and again the experience was awesome, Shaheed once again showed professionalism and patience it wasn't about selling us a vehicle it was about getting us where we needed to be. For anyone looking to buy or lease a vehicle I highly recommend this dealership from the salesman to management all the way to financing. I will be back.


Lance Randall

I wouldn't dream of buying a vehicle from anywhere else. A decade ago when I was broke, upside down on a vehicle loan, had less than average credit and every dealership I went to turned me down, I stumbled into Lipton Toyota and met Shaheed Kahn. I tried the haggle approach, thinking I was smarter than any salesperson there was to no avail. When I finally said "this isn't going to work, what are my options?" Shaheed said "ok, let's start over. What car do you really want and how much a month do you want to pay?" That's when the buying process became fun and exciting. Between him and a finance guru (JR Merritt), they found a way to put me in the Truck of my dreams (being realistic at the time) without breaking the bank every month. I was finally happy all month long and didn't get upset when the payment was due. That was 7 vehicles ago, all Toyotas between my wife and I. Just recently, both of our daughters were able to have the same experience being placed in the car of their choosing, at a payment they can comfortably afford all with a little magic from two people we now consider to be friends of the family. Today I drive a Platinum Tundra with every available extra there is and my wife drives a Platinum Highlander, also fully loaded to the max. I should note that she was driving a Lexus when we converted and chose this latest model over the new RX350. We have discovered that we can have the same vehicle, with all the add-ons for less than we would pay for the name. All thanks to two strangers who were honest with us 10 years ago in return for our loyalty, which they themselves earned all on their own. Many thanks Shaheed and JR, you guys make our daily commute better than we could have ever imagined!!! Oh, I probably should mention that Andrew & Bob in the service department make our normal routine maintenance a task worth looking forward to. Notice I used the term "normal routine maintenance", that's because with a Toyota that is properly maintained and well kept, you won't have any other need to visit the service department and those oil changes are free...


Happy Camper

"Excellent treatment and service! " This is the second car we buy from this dealer! We actually ask for the same salesman and we had such a great deal. They really get you what you need . Fast and professional .



"BEST OF THE BEST " Takes leaders to take a grasp of deals made at Lipton Toyota ...starting with Al Hernandez from start to finish I was treated like family ,professionally and with great etiquette..sales mgr. Vinny Cossio work out a deal that exceeded our expectations and help us to expedite the deal . Many thx to Jason Taylor as well he was very punctual and professionally speaking through out the end of the finance experience ..This has been the best car buying experience. Hats off to the whole staff ... sincerely yours, M.Pomales



"Excellent " They went above and beyond to find a car that was best for and at a reasonable price.He went beyond to find the color that I wanted and features in the vehicle for me. They made sure I was in out and ready to go church.


Eddie F.

Alex Bogat introduced by Marie as this dealership gave us an excellent service today. We literally spent 45 minutes to grab a brand-new car with such a low payments. There were zero hustle and zero down payment ha ha Ha ha ha. If you need A new car, this is the best place to deal with it. Thanks to team Lipton!!!! Arigato!!!


Steph Rogers

What an amazing experience ! I did everything online. I dealt with Tylor and Barbara. I came to pick up my new Tacoma and Alex had the truck clean and ready for delivery. I will definitely come back and recommend everyone to Lipton!


Anastasia Beaverhausen

Husband bought me an Avalon and I can't believe all of the features of this car! It puts on the brakes for you automatically and has vents in the seats! The Internet secretary (Dustin) found me the perfect car and the salesman (Shatheed) was fast and nice. We were done in 2 hours and driving home. Highly recommended and the easiest we've ever bought a car!


Blake Landson

I went through Bambi in the Internet department to purchase my vehicle and she was extremely professional and helpful. I then worked with the product specialist Mounir who was very knowledgeable and polite. He went above and beyond to be patient with all of the questions that I had and showed me all of the features of my brand-new Avalon. Great experience and I would recommend Lipton Toyota to all of my friends and family



I recently purchased my new RAV4 from Lipton Toyota and I must admit it was by far the best car buying experience I've ever had. The customer friendly staff and overall positive ambiance made all the difference. Thank you Alex Bogat for all your assistance and follow up. And thank you Lipton Toyota for an enjoyable experience.


Oz F.

Just purchased my 2016 Toyota Tacoma last week and I had a great experience at Linton Toyota. I began negotiating with various dealerships over the phone (Kendall Toyota, North Miami Toyota, Headquarter Toyota, Hollywood Toyota and Linton Toyota). I was very clear with all the sales people I was dealing with. "I'm ready to buy 'now', and I know exactly what I want, 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5 and was open on the color. I wanted to negotiate everything over the phone. The best offer has my business". The only two dealerships willing to negotiate over the phone were Linton Toyota and Headquarter Toyota. All the other dealerships kept giving me the old "come on in and test drive one". Despite my telling all of them that I had already test driven it. And come on in and let's negotiate. I did not want to sit in a dealership for hours going back and forth negotiating.

My sales person was Al Hernandez and he was great. He was straight to the point and honest. He gave me the best deal and I took it. Everything was already negotiated, I did my credit app online and emailed them my insurance info, etc. all I had to do was come in and sign all the papers. All the agreements were exactly everything that was negotiated. No bait and switch, no games. Al took his time explaining all the truck's features and service program, etc. I was in and out quickly and I know I got a great deal. I would definitely call Al Hernandez next time I'm purchasing a Toyota and recommend him as well. Everything was great.



"Best car buying experience ever!" Excellent service from Al Hernandez and James Miller. Great Team Work guys! You exceeded our expectations and helped us choose our new Camry with no hassles, quick and easy. You have our referrals for sure!



Very nice people and helpful. Thank you especially Mike Medina, who was really kind and awesome. :)



Alex was great help! Helped me find a car I could afford & has a great attitude. Him & Arite helped me feel comfortable & really worked with me to find the right car.



"Exceptional Team with Great Service!!" I recently purchased a new vehicle last week from Lipton Toyota and had a great experience. I came in not expecting on purchasing a vehicle, but just going in to service my previous car. I decided it was time for an upgrade and purchased a new car. The whole team over there exceeded my expectations and were very knowledgeable about everything. My service guy, finance person, and salesperson Alex were great. They made the process easy as possible and took their time with me. I can be real indecisive so patience is a must. Lipton Toyota is definitely the spot to get a car and you can't go wrong with a Toyota!


Diane Hughes

"Tacoma" I was in the market for a new Tacoma but wasn't sure if I would get approved since my credit is not so good. Being very skeptical about the situation, I went to see Lipton Toyota I met with Joe Richards he got me the most amazing deal. Then he sent me to Jimmy Lagle he was nice and friendly with a fun personality and he told me he has a lifted Toyota Tacoma. I looked at it out in the parking lot it was awesome! He gave me the financing I needed to complete the deal and worked lots of hours to make sure that I was 100% happy. I will definitely be coming back for the next car!!!



"Easiest purchase in 20 years!" I know buying a car sucks and trust me, most of my experiences have been horrible. But I have to say that the folks here did a great job. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to buy so I had them run some numbers (before my credit) and see what kind of a deal they could do. We did the usual dance and in the end I was pretty happy with the results. The car is great and so far no issues. I have to say this was the easiest purchase I've made on a car in over 20 years - thank you.


Rhys R.

I know buying a car sucks and trust me, most of my experiences have been horrible. But I have to say that the folks here did a great job. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to buy so I had them run some numbers (before my credit) and see what kind of a deal they could do. We did the usual dance and in the end I was pretty happy with the results. The car is great and so far no issues. I have to say this was the easiest purchase I've made on a car in over 20 years - thank you.


Elliot Meyers

"Luv my new Camry" I bought a 2015 Toyota Corolla from Lipton Toyota. I was buying a used vehicle but the sales person Joe Richards showed me a new one. He helped with all the paper work so I could see the difference between a new and used vehicles. I had pretty bad credit, but they still treated me like a VIP and they even found me a pretty good financing deal! I will come back here to get my service and oil changes.

10/2016 Gene Kalil I'm very impressed with the friendliness and service. I would recommend everyone to come here and take their car. Hopefully I can come back again and get a new car. Thank you Lipton Toyota and staff!


Derek Cash

I just bought my brand new 2015 Toyota Corolla this weekend from this dealership. I was literally in there for 1 hour and had all the papers signed and was out the door. They handed me two coupons for a free oil change and car wash in the near future. I love my new car. Thank you Lipton Toyota!



"Great Team Work" Bought a Prius 4 years ago. Traded it in today for a new one and they guys who helped me (Jason, Alex, Joe, and Jimmy) were OUTSTANDING! Love, love, love this place. They all went the extra mile to get me into a new car w/ all the bells and whistles. I can't imagine any other place to deal with. I live in Boca Raton but will go back down south for all my service too.



"Al Hernandez and the Lipton Team Delivered!" We knew we wanted a Toyota because our latest one is 14 years old, still running strong at almost 200000 miles, and we get offers for it from strangers driving by at least once a month. Where we live we have a dozen Toyota dealers within easy driving distance, so we had a lot of choices. We wanted our purchase to be simple, stress-free and honest. Simplicity started with the Lipton website, where we could easily see the current inventory, with features, pictures and prices on a selection of 500+ vehicles. The cars spoke for themselves without pushy sales pitches. Things stayed simple and low-key as we worked with Al by email at first. Once we were ready for a test drive, he made it as convenient for us as possible, working with our schedules so my wife could see the car without a hassle. Once we made an offer, Al then worked with his managers to meet it. We dropped by the dealership the next day, the deal was exactly as we had discussed without pressure to add additional options, we completed all the paperwork in about 75 minutes, and we drove home to enjoy our new Tacoma at a great price. Al even set up our bluetooth so we didn't have to read the manual and futz with the buttons and dials. When it's time to buy a new car, I definitely recommend a Toyota. Once you are ready for a Toyota, I definitely recommend you check out Lipton's website, and then stop by and see Al and the rest of their team. Thanks very much, Al!



"Great Experience" I had a Toyota Yaris that I took in that morning for service because I was having problems with it. It turned out that it was an alternator problem. I had one more year left on it but I was skeptical on spending to much money on fixing it. Then Sales Manager Alex Bogart asked me if I would like to trade it in and I was still skeptical. He made it so easy he was there the whole time and made me feel at ease. I would recommend him anytime.



"A great experience" Everybody was kind and courteous and helpful. They showed my all the cars, asked what I was interested in, offered a beverage. Very pleasant experience.

8/15/2015 Am A. Just closed a deal with Munair. He's a guy of his word. Great experience and delivered 100 % of what he said he would do. Definitely recommend Lipton and Munair. The entire transaction was extremely quick. The finance portion was also excellent. Couldn't be happier with our new Sienna.



" Salesperson Al Hernandez professional and great to deal wit" Al Hernandez at Lipton Toyota was very polite and professional during the entire lease of my Camry SE. He provided great information and was very patient with my analytical personality. He delivered on everything he said with very limited back and forth. I shopped KIA, Ford, Hyundai, Lexus and another Toyota Dealer but none like Al. I had a bad experience at a prior dealer and it's refreshing to find out there are still good people in an industry with such bad reputation. I will be referring friends and family to him and any one interested in lease or purchase should give him a try and confirm my review. AL YOU ARE THE MAN!!!


Matthew Moore

"A wonderful dealership" A wonderful experience Mr. Lagle was an excellent manager, 5 stars hands down!! My salesman, Joe Richards, was an absolute pleasure to work with. He made the car shopping experience fun and easy! My finance manager, Rich Gonzalez, was also GREAT! He provided me with services that will prolong my new vehicle and it's lifetime. I left Lipton Toyota one happy customer and I can't wait to tell all my friends about everyone at this great dealership!!



"The truck I wanted for the best price in town." The sales staff was great. John who assisted me with my purchase worked hard and found me the exact truck I wanted. He made sure that every detail was covered. I'm now driving the truck I always wanted. Thank you John and Lipton Toyota.



"Got My Truck" Great place. Not crowded. very clean. Al is excellent. I recommend to check this dealership before buying a vehicle Thanks Al. Also Rich is great doing his financing job


Gary Delong

"Got My Camry" I highly recommend Lipton Toyota. Celso was able to turn a not so good experience I had with a different Toyota dealership the month before, into a positive one, by getting me into a brand new Camry at a fair and competitive price. At no time did I feel that I was on guard, or working against him, but rather, he seemed to be on my side, trying to reach a fair price we would both be happy with and also with the help from the manager to seal the deal. I wouldn't hesitate to send my friends and family to this dealership to purchase a car.


Rick and Traci

Night and day" Our experience started at another toyota dealership in Hollywood. We went in to look at a specific vehicle, and upon sitting down to discuss pricing the salesman actually came to us with a price almost five thousand dollars ABOVE sticker. When we attempted to negotiate our salesman got mad and walked out. That's when we went to Lipton Toyota. From the moment we walked in, the experience was like night and day, Lipton Toyota was clean and well kept, and the receptionist was professional. When we met with our salesman, Al Hernandez, we explained our previous experience and what we were looking for. He and the other staff members helped us locate the model, color, and features we were looking for, and made it fit into our budget. We drove off that day in our new vehicle. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to buy a new toyota, you will be treated fairly and with respect. None of the games they play at other dealerships.



"Great & Efficient Experience" I went in with a specific car and deal in mind (after months of research), and Al Hernandez took me right to it. A while later, I had a new car! Al was extremely helpful and attentive. He knew exactly the car and the deal that I wanted, and in the end, the people at Lipton made it happen. Thank you!


Fred Filan

"Most honest dealer I have ever worked with" My buying experience with Lipton was awesome! It was like night and day compared to other dealerships I have gone with. I LOVE! my new car and can't wait to spend more time in it during our road trip this summer. My Sales guy Celso has been there every step of the way, Celso has made sure I have everything I need and Joe Richards helped me understand how to use and operate everything within the vehicle. Both Celso & Joe have taken quality time to spend with me in this buying experience and has superseded all of our expectations of a sales representative. We will be buying here in the future. Jimmy the manager got Rich Gonzalez in finance to work with me. He was amazing straight forward and the most honest guy I have ever worked with in the finance part of buying a car.


David Hones

"I couldn't be happier with Lipton" I couldn't be happier with my recent experience at Lipton Toyota. Jimmy, the manager, turned lemons into lemonade for me and I so appreciate it. I had been experiencing issues with my 2010 Toyota Prius with 109,000 miles and after taking it there for repair on 2 or 3 occasions it just never seemed to be totally resolved. Al showed me a 2015 Toyota Prius with 16 miles and I fell in love with it. They gave my vehicle a comprehensive inspection and really pulled out all the stops to make it right for me to trade in on the new one. My new Prius is just what I needed. Thank you so much to everyone who helped to turn this frustrating situation around for me. Thank you Jimmy for going out of your way to help me get into my new car.


Satisfied Customer "Excellent Experience" Dealership is immaculate. Personnel are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Leasing experience was very positive. Negotiations were fair and responsive to our needs. Definitely recommend this dealership


Amy Rodriguez

"Awesome Sales Team" My car buying experience was awesome and my salesperson Celso Leroy helped me the whole way. Celso has an ability to really listen and present cars that fit your needs and I especially felt like I was not alone with this big decision. Celso has contacted me several times just to check in and see how I am doing with my car. What I appreciate is the continued relationship that Celso has with his customer. The manger even called me to see "how my buying experience was" and I told "I am a Lipton customer for life.






"Great Experience for a First Time Buyer" Amazing Experience, the process was Nice an Easy, in 45 Minutes the Paperwork was ready to sign, i truly recommend Lipton Toyota to buy any Car



I bought my first car from Lipton Toyota in 2005. I have received excellent service on all of our cars over the years and wouldn't think of buying a vehicle anywhere else. The current Camry has over 100,000 miles on it and runs as though we bought it yesterday, thanks to Lipton. We are confident that our cars are getting the best service available.


Nicole Delapenha

Very friendly and attentive. They explained everything clearly no hidden agenda.


Larry Litwin

Lipton has the best, most courteous service department I have ever dealt with. I wish my doctor's office was half as prompt & courteous as Lipton is.

2015 Nikkettia Braziel I had a pleasurable experience at Lipton Toyota; also, my salesman Al was knowledgeable and friendly.


Christian Gonzalez

The personal touch and friendly attention of Andres Llanos made my wife and I's car acquisition process as smooth as can be. His deep knowledge of Toyota products is also very noteworthy. Manager, A-Rod was extremely personable and a pleasure to deal with as well. My wife and I highly recommend Lipton Toyota to anyone seeking an excellent car at a great value. Our Toyota Corollas are phenomenal! We wish Lipton Toyota all the very best always!


Ronnie Lakatos

I would just like to say a "Big " Thanks to your parts department . Mr. Christopher Mill was a true blessing in helping me make my T - 100 truck safe again . I have searched for a seat belt for my truck unsuccessfully looking in junk yards & used parts stores . I brought in my dilapidated part & Mr. Mill was able, not only to find the part , but at a reasonable price . thank you again !!!!



"Wonderful Experience" What a wonderful Experience! I did not feel pressured to buy a car and felt very comfortable while through the entire process. I would recommend Lipton Toyota to all of my family and friends.


Jason J.

Preston in sales spent about two hours with my mother-in-law helping her through an emergency event, lending his cell phone, taking a personal interest in assisting her, and really being as fantastic as possible in working though the crisis. I am grateful to Preston, and to Eric in service, for helping out in a time of great need. A huge thanks to Lipton Toyota for having such great employees!



"Got My Camry" I just purchased a new Toyota Camry and I love it. I had a wonderful experience from Miguel with Internet Sales for inviting me to look at the Camry we talked about over emails. I have never had a better experience than the one I had with Jimmy getting the black Camry Celso showed me out front. They worked out a deal so I could get the same price as what Miguel told me. I left there with a big smile and a brand new Toyota Camry!


Luis & Nelcy

"Rav4 and Highlander" A honest, straightforward person, who earn my trust and respect. I purchase my 1st Toyota from him in 2013 for my wife.. then this month 2015, when back and look for him for my 2nd Toyo... After I give him my specification again... how I want my Toyota.. he found it ! !... what I want and how I want it. But also... how much I willing to pay in my budget... He is the guy ! ! !


Paul F.

Purchased third car from Lipton in recent 18 years. One Camry and two Rav 4's! The financing guy even recognized us again! Very nice guy. Grandpa passed recently but even he and grandma purchased their vehicle there many moons ago. Many thx Lipton Toyota!! Thumbs up!!



NewToyOwner" Got a good trade in price and got a great price on our new Corolla. Talk to Joe Richards, he wasn't aggressive, gave good correct information and didn't feed us any B.S. like I have had from other dealers. Thanks to Jimmy Lagle for helping us find the right finance manager for our deal.


Manuel S.

Service dept was great again. These guys and personable and professional. I like going to places where they know my name when I come in. I have been to Al Hendrickson, Deerfield Toyota and Hollywood Toyota, not even close. Lipton is the best and strongly recommend.


Elizabeth C.


ever knew you could go and rent a car at a car dealership! Turns out that's a thing. My car died on me and I needed a car asap. My boyfriend told me about Lipton and their low rental prices, so I gave them a call. I got a rate of $33 a day for a week- my total with tax was $147. Not bad at all. I got a 2014 corolla with all of the options. It was a fun little car to drive around for the week. Best thing about Lipton was that they came to my apartment to pick me up to bring me to the office so I could get my rental. This was incredibly helpful and unexpected. Hopefully I won't need a rental again anytime soon, but if I do I will definitely come back here!



"Excellence." Alex Bogat is a true professional. Its a pleasure dealing with him and will plan to continue to do so in the future. Our experience was very good.



"Rating of Internet Mgr Sales Experiencing" I would like to acknowledge my wife and I experience with Alex Bogat. From the moment we met to the completion of the purchase process, my wife and I were more than satisfied with the service provided. I would recommend Lipton Toyota and Alex to all. Thank you, Michael



"Prius-Sun" Lipton has the largest inventory in the area so you can drive one away just the way you want it! Sales Consultant Joe Richards is very professional. He knows so much about the Prius I bought one and I came in for a Corolla.


Earl N. Bettis

"Recommended " My good friend recommended Lipton Toyota to me. So I went. I met the general manager Jimmy Lagle, as well as his sales staff. I loved how they listened to what I needed and they nailed it! I purchased a new car from them last month both the sales man Alex Bogat and the manager called me to see if I was taken care of. Lipton Toyota is the only dealership I will use to service my car.



"Eric Jones and Lipton Service Department recommendation." Since I have purchased my Toyota Prius in Lipton in October 2008 I am servicing it with Eric. He is professional, knowledgeable, attentive to the customer needs and always answers my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Lipton Service Center to Toyota Owners in South Florida.


elis manuel

"Easy to work with" I just signed my lease on a 2015 Toyota Corolla from Lipton. I mostly worked with Miguel. Celso Leroy was extremely helpful. He answered all my questions and was patient as I worked through my color choices and finally deciding on a black Corolla. Miguel and Celso were also very helpful to me from my first chat on line with Miguel, to the test drives with Celso, to financing with Rich, all the way they were great.



"Wonderful service" My parents just bought me a 2014 Toyota Camry for Christmas and it is awesome. The sales people were very friendly and helpful. My Camry gets great gas mileage and I can fit all of my friends in it for school.



"Great Experience Overall" I walked into Lipton Toyota this past Monday at 8:00pm, when the dealership closes at 9:00pm. Celso set me up with Al who was more than patient and understanding with all of my questions and concerns. Between Al and Tony Venezia, I was very satisfied with the figure generated for my new car. I left Lipton Toyota around 11:00pm, two hours after close, a very happy customer. Management at Lipton seems to be well experienced in catering to its customers needs I can't thank the Lipton team enough for my great experience.


Great S.

On 11/15/14 Eric Jones took in my truck and my wife's van by appointment. I was 15 min late, he was nice, and I couldn't have been happier with the service and the time it took to do it. Oil change for my truck, battery change for the van, both Maintenance/Service covered when I purchased the vehicles there, $0.00. By the time I went to get burgers and hot dogs at the Sales entrance, came back to find the newspaper, connect my kids to the wifi in the waiting area and sit down, they called my name that both vehicles were done. They didn't even get a chance to play. 10/10 would do it again.



"Friendly Employees, pleasant experience " Miguel was such a pleasure to work with. I decided on this dealership because they were the closest and lowest price TrueCar certified dealer, even though they are not the closest. I was warmly welcomed, and after talking with Miguel, I got the pleasure of meeting Anthony. He is a straight shooter right out the gate. After discussions on the price of the vehicle, we shook hands and was greeted by Jason in the financing department. He informed me of the other options available for the car, and let me know what financing options were being offered. As I decided on financing through my credit union, Jason was very helpful by placing our paperwork to the side for a week while our financing paperwork was being filed. The next week I came in and dropped off the check, Miguel, Tony, and Jason were available for any additional questions I had. The vehicle drifted a little (expected from being strapped down during transport), and I am currently sitting waiting for that to be checked out. Brandon in the service department is just as friendly as the others I worked with, and would not hesitate to make the extra drive down to this dealership just to work with them again. From the sales team, to the service department, this was by far the best car buying experience I've ever had, and would not hesitate to refer friends and family to buy a car and service their vehicles here. Mark


Nicholas M.

The best service ever.. i drive from south miami to go to this was exceptional from purchasing to service.



"Wonderful dealership! " Great service. Highly recommend this company for anyone looking to buy their first car. Miguel Catalano helped my daughter and I tremendously in buying her first vehicle. They put my worries, as a father, to rest and assisted me with any questions I had! Rich Gonzalez took care of all the finance paperwork for us and we were out of the dealership in less than an hour.


Melissa Morejon

Got my corolla here. Loved how they worked with me, the atmosphere was busy but professional, couldn't ask for more.


Jennifer B.

I have had the opportunity to lease and buy three cars so far from Lipton. I found their professional and pleasant service does not stop when you drive your car off the lot. The service department has always been great at helping me by working around my schedule to get me in and out quickly. Also, I have not found any better pricing in South Florida. Thank you and keep up the good work.



"2 thumbs up!!!!" Typically our car buying experience is not something we try to remember, but time was different. Several weeks before we were ready to commit to a purchase, we visited Lipton Toyota and were met by a sales associate who was friendly and did not pressure us to buy. 2 months later, when we were ready to make the commitment, we called Celso and he was immediately able to help us. He set aside a block of time for us to come that was convenient for us so that he could help us figure out the best purchase/lease option for our needs. We will definitely do business with him and Lipton Toyota again.


Mehr K.

I have been to other Toyota dealerships and not had the wonderful experience that I had at Lipton I can't speak for anyone else but I arrived here around lunch time with no appointment and they took my car right in for service and said that it would be done in an hour while I was waiting there were comfortable seating and semi private work stations I could sit at well I did say it was lunch time and I was hungry they provide sandwiches and cookies and water free they gave me a bottle of water and unfortunately all they had was ham and I don't eat pork so I asked one of the guys outside where I could grab something to eat that wasn't so bad and he suggested a subway and he drove me there and brought me back and another employee asked me if I ate everyone was really sweet thoughtful and warm and they had my car done in an hour!


Stacy S.

After being contacted by J.R. Merritt, a top ranking Sales Manager, J.R. was both professional and straight forward. I was extremely appreciative of his professionalism and his expertise. After discussing the issues, we were able to come to a satisfactory agreement and resolve any issues that I previously had. J.R. restored my faith in Lipton Toyota and car sales as a whole. I want to also thank Anthony Spence form finance, for making the entire transaction both easy and efficient. He was helpful, polite, and professional. There are so many times where "hiccups" happen at the finance level, but there was absolutely none with him. Our final salesperson, John Tavares, was also helpful and in no way a factor in creating any issues I previously had. It was actually a pleasure walking into the dealership knowing that all issues had been resolved honestly and openly, and only dealing with the three individuals listed above in a timely and expedient fashion.



"MANAGERS MADE IT RIGHT!" My Sales Manager, J.R. Merritt, went above and beyond making the deal right. There were some serious issues that arose and he was both honest and professional in resolving said issues right away. He honored everything that we had discussed and ensured the experience was pleasant and expedient when we arrived at the dealership. The finance person, Anthony Spence, was also very professional and polite. Mr. Spence also ensured that all details were covered before we arrived and that the vehicle was ready for delivery upon signature. Both Mr. Merritt and Mr. Spence redeemed Lipton Toyota and my opinion of my experiences with same.



"Excellent experience" This was our first time purchasing a brand new car and we were a bit apprehensive of the process. Because we went through True Car we were referred to Mounir Bel Mokhtar. Mounir did an excellent job answering our questions, alleviating our concerns and working out a price that we were comfortable with while still getting the accessories we wanted. Even after the sale of the car he is always available to assist with inquiries. We would definitely purchase from Mounir again. Due to his professionalism and positive attitude, Mounir serves as a great representative of Lipton Toyota and the car buying experience as a whole.



"This is a great, friendly dealership." We just leased a 2014 Toyota Sequoia for our daughter to drive back to college. Lipton's entire staff, including our salesperson Celso LeRoy was extremely helpful, I give him 5 Stars he was very patient with us, knowledgeable and thorough. Jimmy Lagle is the General Manager and he is just amazing. This dealership made me a happy loyal customer forever. If you're looking for an awesome dealership with a caring staff, look no further Lipton Toyota is your place.


Goksun E.

I recently purchased a 2010 Prius III from Lipton Toyota. From the first call that sale person Jose made after my request for more details on AutoTrader website, my experience with them was great... Before I decided to take a look at the car, I asked Jose some specific questions regards to the car's features. Unlikely other dealers that I called and got response hours later, he told me that he was going to walk to the car and make sure that the car was equipped with promised features as the ad. I made an appointment for next day at noon to go in... ( basically took a risk since I've had gone to different dealer last week for a similar vehicle which ended up being base model with nothing in it ) Prius was certified and in great shape. After the test ride, we went in to talk about the details. They were quite helpful with my 98 Jeep Cherooke trade in value.. Even more helpful, with my limited credit history due to not being in the country long enough and spending quite some time out of the country for work. They explained me why I needed to expect little more monthly payments, however, they were going to do anything possible to get me a good deal. Regardless DMV system was down, finance director Sean completed my process with helping me even more with adding GAP protection without damaging my pocket. Then, while I was filling out the paperwork with Sean, Jose told me that they were getting the car washed for me. Honestly, the car seemed already super clean to me. Still nice gesture by Lipton Toyota. At the end, Jose walked me to my Prius and told me that he apologize for the long wait time and will leave me alone as soon as he connects my phone via bluetooth. Couple minutes later, I was on my way home with super clean Certified 2010 Prius with only 41k miles on it. I might not go there for getting my car serviced since there are many others closer to where I live, however, I will definitely visit them next year or two to renew my Prius with a newer model. Thank you Lipton Toyota...


Maurice Simpson

"Great People Friendly Atmosphere and Excellent Service" They are awesome people, very flexible and accommodating! I have no problem with the vehicle I leased but I only wish that the contract included road hazard protection at least for the first month....



"Happy Customer" After shopping many Toyota dealers around Ft. Lauderdale to North Miami looking for a 2014 Toyota Camry XSP, I had been looking for 5 days via internet, telephone and going to dealerships close to my home and it was hard to get a cash price or to email me car info so I can make a deal. Then I got in touch with Celso LeRoy @ Lipton Toyota and I had my answer, the next morning he met me on his off day. He had the car washed and gassed and we did all the paper work in under 45min! By far the most courteous hassle free car buying experience I ever had. I will recommend all my Family and Friends to Lipton Toyota to experience the same deal. Thanks Hakim Youssef and his staff for such a great car purchase experience it was Awesome.



"Amazing Experience." I purchased the 2014 Toyota Corolla from Lipton Toyota and it was nothing but I pleasant experience. I visited other Toyota dealerships before purchasing my car here and no other dealership offered me the amazing deal that Lipton Toyota did! The Sales Associates where nothing but willing to help me find a way to purchase the car I wanted, at the price that I wanted, and because of that I will never buy a car from any other dealership for as long as I'm driving.



"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" This was my first trip to Lipton Toyota. I spoke with Mr. Richards about a Camry I saw advertised on their website, he told me this was the correct price. I wanted to come on in and test drive the car that minute. When I got to the dealership Celso Leroy helped me out with the test drive. I fell in love with the car right away, this is my first new car purchase. I was completely done with all the paper work in about 45 minutes. My experience was excellent over the phone and via email, and they have always been responsive and helpful. Joe and Celso gave me everything I needed, and I can highly recommend them.



"Very Satisfied" Cannot remember the name of the Sales Manager but he got us the deal we wanted. Shafiul Alam, our Salesperson, was amazing. He ran around to get us the car we wanted and led us to the people who took care of the transaction. He also gave us an amazing lesson about life and we wish him a safe journey back to his home country ... we will never forget him. Because we do not live in the area we will most likely not use their facility to service our car. My only complaint about the Camry is the gas pedal is too close to the radio/backup camera console and there is not enough leg room. The seats are also not anywhere as comfortable as my previous Galant (which blew up on I-95), so I had no time to research and test drive other automobiles. Overall, my experience was positive.



"Loyal to Lipton, for 11 yrs and counting..." I started off with Lipton with my XLE Camry 2003. Once I found confidence with my service rep, Sean Kesson, I stuck with him for every check up. I took impeccable care of my XLE Camry. When Sean left for a short time, I really felt loss and was ever so happy when he returned to Lipton. The other reps in service were very friendly but Sean and I developed a good working relationship through the years. My plans were to keep my car for another 1-2 yrs but an accident changed that path. This is a difficult financial time for me so buying a car I really wanted was not within my reach. Sean and Anthony suggested leasing. Which I am still nervous about as I do put miles on my car but I am hoping within 3 yrs I will not go over the 45,000. Getting a Sport Corolla was a compromise I felt I could make in a more economical car and my payments are within my budget at this time. I felt the entire staff, from Sean putting me in touch with Anthony Lanzaro and meeting Jimmy Lagle who helped complete the deal, were all very supportive of my concerns with my budget. They worked hard to help me achieve getting a car I would be happy with and not disappointed that I had to downsize. I am thrilled to be driving a car with great gas mileage and is cute to boot! I am confident in 3 yrs I will stick with Lipton and be able to upgrade to the Camry XLE once again. I can't imagine working with another dealership. Lipton is not the closest Toyota dealership near my home, but the ones that are have never proven to me to be the same with customer service. Due to such fantastic customer service, I have become a loyal Lipton customer.


Harry E. Pugsley

Our experience at Lipton Toyota was quick and easy. The salespeople in the internet department were very helpful and straightforward. And the Finance department got us in and out quickly. We look forward to doing business with Lipton Toyota in the future.



"total purchasing experience at Lipton Toyota" From the moment we walked in the door, actually even before we entered, we were greeted in the most friendly manner. Everyone we dealt with was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Louis Trujillo went far and beyond, even searching out a vendor who could outfit our new vehicle with Onstar telephone service, which we are accustomed to and wanted to continue with. We have bought many new cars, but have never encountered a better-run, friendlier, more professional and efficient dealership than Lipton Toyota. Alex assisted Louis, and they make a great team. Jason handled the finances and made it much simpler. The new manager (a few months), was also terrific. They all work hand in glove and make a great team and a wonderful buying experience for their customers. The best proof of this is, after 4 visits, deciding and finally purchasing and picking up our new Toyota, every single time we were there, they were buzzing with customer activity.



"Honest-straightforward business dealing, gave me best price" Honest-straightforward business dealing, gave me best price for my new RAV4 purchase on 04/16, no other dealer could match their quote, and no unpleasant surprises when we got to the dealership, and when we arrived at the dealership to take delivery, the new vehicle was all ready to go just as promised. The invoice was exactly what was quoted to us over the phone. Mr. Hernandez also spent time with us to go over all the features of our new vehicle, if we are again in the market to buy a new Toyota, Lipton Toyota got our business. Thanks

2014 Kemoi Finnikin had no problem. i got a car that most dealership would not approve me for


Teri Hobbs

From the time I e-mailed Lipton Toyota, until the time, I drove away (in my NEW 2013 Corolla), Celso and Jimmy the GM were so kind to me. They were professional, and Celso never left me sitting wondering what was going on. Jimmy asked me what made me pick this dealership, I told him I filled out the contact form on their website and the next thing you know Celso contacted me and invited me in to test drive the 8 Corollas that fit my search. I feel that everyone that is looking for a new or used vehicle to go the extra mile and check out Lipton Toyota. You will not be disappointed! I am so proud of my new ride!! Thank you, Celso, Jimmy and everyone at Lipton for making my day!



"Excellent customer relations" I was out on my sales route working and was approached by Ed Lanzaro regarding the possibility of trading my Toyota corolla in for a new one at this dealership. He was very polite and not pushy at all...I couldn't make my first or even second appointment due to work, but he didn't push me and was very understanding. I finally made it in to the dealership and felt like we were being treated like royalty. Definitely would recommend this particular location! They try hard to get you what you need along with what you want...without feeling pressured...all the while being extremely polite!


Andrew Bois

This was one of the easiest car buying experiences I have had. The staff was very friendly and helpful. There was no pressure and it went very quickly. I got an even better deal than was advertised elsewhere.


Jay Illa

I got my all blacked out 2013 Toyota Corolla. I saw this corolla sitting on the showroom floor and I thought it would be a lot more than a stock corolla, turns out it was only a little bit more. I told the salesmen I had a 2005 corolla trade in so he asked his manager if I could get the upgraded black corolla with my trade in for the same price as a stock corolla. They took my trade and gave me the same price as a stock on. I love my new car and the all black looks excellent, I have an appointment later today to get the windows tinted it will look so cool!!!


Shirley Ale

We just had our Camry serviced here today. The service was great and they gave us a free oil change because we used the manager's special offer. We will keep bringing our cars here for the good service.


Gigi Turkel

My buying experiences at Lipton Toyota have always been pleasant. This is my third Toyota that I have bought from them and my experiences just keep getting better and better. Everyone is always nice and accommodating and they have never made me feel pressured. I have already referred several of my friends and family to Lipton Toyota and they have been as satisfied as I was.


Eve-Lyndssa Mercure

Arlin, Penny, and Anthony were very nice and comfortable to speak to. I felt that they cared and would love to do business with them again! Everything went by smoothly and I didn't feel rushed by any one of those three. They are truly good people.


Brian Long

I bought a 2013 Toyota Camry form here last week. This will be my second car from Lipton in the last 5 years. I have always had great service here and I got the deal that was advertised. I recommend this dealership to any one needed a new Toyota.



"I was at Lipton used cars for my daughter today. I wanted..." I was at Lipton used cars for my daughter today. I wanted her to pay for it but I would handle the down payment for her. Because she had only been working a job for less than a year all the auto financing companies insisted on a huge down payment and me as a co-signer. I wanted her to be independent and not have me as a co-signer. Jimmy Lagle helped us get the car financed with Rich Gonzalez. They were great.



"I bought a 2011 Toyota Camry from Used Car sales within..." I bought a 2011 Toyota Camry from Used Car sales within two hours on my lunch break last Friday! I am well pleased with their knowledge and professionalism. My salesperson was Howard Baker and I hand out his business card to my friends who are looking for cars. Thank you for a wonderful car-buying experience Howard! I have never been so happy buying a car. I love my 2011 Camry!



"Yarilin G. Was awesome. She observed me walking in and..." Yarilin G. Was awesome. She observed me walking in and assisted me right away. She was warm and friendly as well. Eric Jones was helpful as well. Thank you. I appreciate her assistance.



"Lipton Toyota worked very hard to get me a lease on a..." Lipton Toyota worked very hard to get me a lease on a brand new 2013 Toyota Camry on getting me the monthly payment I was aiming for and the money I wanted to put down. I worked with Fitzroy Blake and he was very nice from the beginning and was not pushy at all. He worked hard to make sure I was going to be happy with the payments and the car. My car was shined up and I left the dealership with a full tank of gas!


Vince Querol

Luis Trujillo was very friendly and knowledgeable. Ira Goldstein gave me the great deal I asked for! Penny Sullivan was very friendly. Anthony Spence was quick with the paperwork! Service Department was clean and friendly and the complimentary sandwich was very tasty!



"Great teamwork, smooth process, an no hassle in the..." Great teamwork, smooth process, an no hassle in the finance area either. They gave me great options, respected when I was not interested and help me get what was perfect for my family.


Christine P.

I have brought my car here for service for 2 years now and so far, so good. I usually bring it in for a standard oil change and I'm in and out in under 30 minutes. The service guys are always friendly and, unlike other service places, these guys have never tried to push parts & services I don't need. The last time I brought my car in the the service was going to take a while so I asked if they could take me to my office. No problem, a driver took me to my office and picked me up when my car was ready. A++ for customer service.


Luke Czubay

I have purchased two vehicles from this dealership. My first was a 2006 Scion TC and more recently a new 4Runner. I got a great deal and they even helped me workout my Lexus trade in which I had a private buyer meet me at the dealership and they did the paperwork for us. The business office was well organized and efficient consider the factors named above. Overall I was there for 2 hours which compared to prior car purchases seemed like a record! The only interaction I've had was with Nelson Lopes in the service department who had my car inspected quickly - very nice to work with. Overall highly recommend.


Jess Barnett

I went into Lipton Toyota for service on my vehicle. I was scheduled to see Brad in the service department. I am used to previous experiences at Toyota of Hollywood, so I already had my guard up, not ready to take it. "You need this, you need that..." I just told him exactly what I needed and that I was going to buy the parts myself and put them on later. Not only did he have them put the parts in, free of charge, he also took the liberty to order a part I had requested to be replaced, since they didn't have it available. I get it tomorrow. Brad was professional and understanding. It's nice to know customer service still exists! Oh, and they washed my car. An added nicety!


Xsta L.

Great place and fair price. Very honest for car rental. The guy who looks like usher is really cool. Very friendly and honest, he is in charge of car rentals. I think his name is Marco.



"Celso and Shaheed were great and made me feel very..." Celso and Shaheed were great and made me feel very comfortable and with no pressure. Jason Taylor was great working the numbers and helped me get to a payment that I was comfortable with.


David M

I purchased a brand new 2011 Toyota Tacoma last year from Lipton Toyota. I was completely happy with the service that was provided to me. I was able to negotiate a reasonable price with no problem and they were so quick to get the deal together that I had my truck within a day. I would definitely recommend this dealership to my family and friends.





Tom Noonan

I am very pleased with my experience with Lipton Toyota. The staff was kind and very helpful. They really worked hard to give me the best experience. After you get the vehicle, they follow up to make sure things are going as expected.



"I was using USAA for purchase of a new car and was..." I was using USAA for purchase of a new car and was looking at the Toyota Prius and the Camry, Chevrolet Impala, Volkswagen Passat, and Nissan. I had started out for a car with great mileage and had come down to the hybrid Prius or Camry and the diesel Passat. Then my wife said she wanted a red car with black leather interior and a back-up camera. So most of my planning went out the window since I could not find one for the Prius or Camry and she did not want to go with a diesel car. I had talked with Lipton internet manager and he could not find anything in this area of my original request of a hybrid Prius or Camry. Another dealer found one in Tampa, however the cost was out of line for my budget. So I was going into Fort Lauderdale and thought I would stop into Lipton since I had not meet the internet manager. He was busy with a customer so he asked Celso to handle me. Celso took me around the lot and we just came across the car we bought which was red, black leather interior and a back up camera, plus a lot more. We took it for a drive around the lot and he came back with a price I could live within my budget. This was Saturday and I gave him a deposit to hold until Monday when my wife could see the car. we came back on Monday and Celso took a great deal of time to show my wife the car and all of the features. We agreed to purchase and Juan was great in handling the paper work. It was a great transaction and we are both satisfied with Lipton and the employees.



"The total lease exchange experience from the termination..." The total lease exchange experience from the termination of lease to a new lease was timely and very professional. Did not spend hours to get in and out with total satisfaction (see Teger). Will not be disappointed.



"I wanted to thank Fitzroy Blake for helping me with my..." I wanted to thank Fitzroy Blake for helping me with my all blacked out 2013 Toyota Corolla. I saw this corolla sitting on the showroom floor and I thought it would be a lot more than a stock corolla, turns out it was only a little bit more. I told Fitzroy I had a 2005 corolla trade in so he asked his manager Jimmy Lagle if I could get the upgraded black corolla with my trade in for the same price as a stock corolla. They took my trade and gave me the same price as a stock on. I love my new car and the all black looks excellent, I have an appointment later today to get the windows tinted it will look so cool!!! Thanks Fitzroy & Jimmy



"The Lipton Toyota team is amazing - from choosing a..." The Lipton Toyota team is amazing - from choosing a vehicle, purchasing a vehicle, and bring the new vehicle home - they are professional, informative, trustworthy, and truly desire to meet our every need!!! They were more than great - they are the BEST!!! Thank you Joe!!!



"Your entire staff was the best. Everyone was very..." Your entire staff was the best. Everyone was very friendly and easy to work with. Alex was very knowledgeable of your products and he certainly knew the Tacoma, which we bought that day. This was our first Toyota and our first truck and our first purchase at Lipton Toyota . We would recommend your staff to anyone looking for a Toyota.



Alberto Cepeda was a great salesman!!! I've never..." Alberto Cepeda was a great salesman!!! I've never been treated so good at a car dealer. He did all that he can to make sure I got the car I wanted. He is wonderful and always kept checking up on me about the car. He always explained all the sales and how the car deal would go. He was very honest to me. Really loved his service!!! He was the best!!! I loved that he speaks Spanish so that my husband could understand better!! Overall, Alberto Cepeda is my favorite salesman!! I would only go to him to buy my next car.



"From the time I pulled up to the dealership everyone was..." From the time I pulled up to the dealership everyone was polite and just flat out amazing. They made a difficult deal work out very smooth. I wish I would have went there sooner. I have dealt with a few dealerships and by far they were the best!! Thanks Lipton Toyota. Sincerely, Wendy S. from Wilton manors



"Bob Stanisich took very good care of me and my car!!! I..." Bob Stanisich took very good care of me and my car!!! I had a horrible experience at Delray Toyota! I was told rust stains in my car were food, but Bob knew differently and had it fixed in one day!! I will be back to Lipton!!! What great customer service. Bob really goes above and beyond for his customers!!



"I am extremely satisfied with my new purchase from Lipton..." I am extremely satisfied with my new purchase from Lipton Toyota. The sales Rep is the BEST!!! Shaheed not only called and offer me to exchange my lease but helped making my decision in a very professional manner. Every single person to whom I spoke during my visit was very courteous and helpful. I will definitely exchange my car in three years with them.



"Sofia was great. I contacted her thru the internet and..." Sofia was great. I contacted her thru the internet and gave her descriptions of vehicles I was interested in. When I arrived we reviewed the vehicles. She did a great job directing me thru the purchase of my new car. Penny Sullivan was an outstanding Customers Relations Manger and was extremely help full. Rich Gonzalez did and excellent job handling the financing of my new vehicle. I look forward to doing future business with this Toyota Dealership...



"Both Hakim Youssef and Lincoln Clarke were excellent to..." Both Hakim Youssef and Lincoln Clarke were excellent to work with upon our introduction to Lipton. They were truly customer service oriented and were knowledgeable about their products and finance plans. They were also both upfront and truthful in handling the promotional aspects of the deal I came in with. JC Gallegos was customer service friendly and made the finance piece seamless. Penny Sullivan was a pleasure to deal with, and very warm and customer service oriented. It was a pleasure, and I'm sure will continue to be, doing business with Lipton.



"the buying experience was great. everyone was very..." the buying experience was great. everyone was very helpful and i got a great deal on my car with almost no haggle. would definitely buy there again and recommend it



"Our son was returning from Florida State we wanted to get..." Our son was returning from Florida State we wanted to get him a truck as a graduation present. We were unable to find one in South Florida after a couple weeks of looking. I went to Lipton and met with Louis Trujillo and let him know what we were looking for. Louis let me know that he would find a truck for our son no matter what he had to do to get it. I was shocked, and thrilled, when he called me two days later to inform me he and his manager Jimmy Lagle had the truck. It was too good to be true so I had him send me a couple pictures.......within two hours of receiving the pictures I was in Louis's & Jimmy's office to sign the papers for the truck. Needless to say, he did what we had decided was impossible. Louis went above and beyond to find us the perfect truck. He truly was an angel to us and made our son's graduation one he will never forget. I was very happy when I was able to send Louis a picture of our son with his truck. I never thought a salesman would do so much to help us out. He truly is one of a kind. I can't end without commenting on Rich Gonzalez in finance. He was just as great as Louis was and made the paperwork almost bearable! We bought a truck for our son but ended up with a new friend. Not many people can say that happens when buying a new automobile.



"Mounir was understanding to our situation and tried his..." Mounir was understanding to our situation and tried his best to get us the best deal possible. I would recommend Lipton Toyota and Mounir to anyone I know, you have an outstanding Sales person who understands and gives Royal Service to his customers. I work for a company that is based on Royal Service not only to our external customers but our internal customers (employees) as well. Mounir keep up the good work.



"Fantastic service!..there was no run around and no wait...." Fantastic service!..there was no run around and no wait. I literally called and let them know exactly what i wanted after test driving the car two weeks prior, the next morning like clockwork i was told my car will be ready and waiting to collect on my convenience. This was a life event for me and I had such a piece of mind and assurance that i was given the best advice and quality service. Thank you Lipton toyota for exceeding my expectations.



"For starters I have NEVER had a bad experience at Lipton...." For starters I have NEVER had a bad experience at Lipton. I am a former Nissan owner, but after numerous issues and poor service I decided to look at Toyota's in 2007 when looking for a new car. I purchased a new Corolla at Lipton, the process went very smoothly and without issue. No pressure, no up sell, and as a woman I expected that may happen. They even had a " new owners reception" at the dealership a few weeks later, it was great! When my daughter was ready to have her own car, she got the 2007 and I went shopping at Lipton again! Once again, a great experience, this time an upgrade to a 2010 S model, love it!! Thank you Mr. Clarke! Another smooth transaction, I wasn't pushed to buy a more expensive car, they understood I was on a budget. Reliable was most important, and that's what I got with my Corolla's. I have NEVER had a problem having my cars serviced, and do so on a regular basis, and yes I drive from Boca Raton because the Service Dept is excellent. Actually enjoy going! I usually see Andrew, Service Advisor, and while you don't always get to see the person who works on your car, Garth is one of the best! Nelson, the Service Manager is spot on, never had an issue that wasn't resolved. In fact he and his staff went the extra mile to help when my daughter's car was broken into, by way of smashing out her windows. Everything was taken care of, even the window re-tinting, which was a perfect match! The waiting area is well thought out, clean, pretty much anything you want, and spotless restrooms. Over the years I have sent many people to Lipton without reservation, have always been thanked, with positive feedback. A friend had purchased her car with the "tires for life" deal, unfortunately part of the deal was that you had to follow the rules, ie. have your oil changed there, she didn't, she understood. She is now a loyal Lipton customer. I have had many opportunities to observe while there, I was impressed to see how often customers brought goodies to the staff, clearly they are doing something right! I wish there was a plus 5 stars!!!!!!!
7/15/2013 rdwarne1 "Each and every person we dealt with were more than happy..." Each and every person we dealt with were more than happy to help us purchase our new car. Each person explained what was next and after we signed the paper work, we were taken to the car and all the controls were explained and we also were helped to install our phones and set up things like destinations in the GPS program and also were shown how we could do all of the things by just talking to the computer in the car. I am sure if it were not for the help of the customer service people, it would have taken us some time to figure out what goes where and how to do the things we were shown. The instructions in the car manual were perfect but the hands on of the people were a lot better. Thanks you for all your help and you can be sure I will recommend you to anyone that I know is looking for a reliable and knowledgable car dealership.



"Arlin, Penny, and Anthony were very nice and comfortable..." Arlin, Penny, and Anthony were very nice and comfortable to speak to. I felt that they cared and would love to do business with them again! Everything went by smoothly and I didn't feel rushed by any one of those three. They are truly good people.



"I had been researching getting a Hybrid Camry and Sienna..." I had been researching getting a Hybrid Camry and Sienna on a lease for some time. My recent contact with Lipton Toyota was through Barbara and Jason. Even though there no response to my email but when I called Barbara she immediately got Jason involved and surprisingly Jason remembered me from two months ago when I was looking for the car originally but had to hold back any credit changes for two months due to home loan refinance closing. Jason got back to me within two hours with actual stock #s of the cars and the pricing. I decided it was best to walk in discuss pricing as I was ready to do the lease. Jason took time to find the cars that matched my criteria and fortunately the two cars available were both right. Jason handed me over to Ojo who I think is a good salesman because he knew I had already made up mind on the cars and now it was important for me to work on the numbers rather than test drive any other cars. I love working with numbers and I knew what my price point was. So I gave my prices for those cars to Ojo. A few minutes later I met Ira who was the sales manager who decided yay or nay on the deals and he was very surprised on how I had come up with my pricing. Even though he was surprised at the price I wanted, what I really liked is that at no time during my dealing with him he was disrespectful or discounting of my research on pricing. Ira's approach was so much different than attitude of the so called managers that had made me walk out of two other dealerships. Having gone back and forth a few times and explaining to Ojo and Ira, how I came up with the numbers, we agreed on numbers not very far from what other dealers were offering but the the way Ira treated me made the difference between me doing the deal vs walking. Once we finalized the deal, I worked with Jeff in finance. Jeff is probably the coolest finance guy around. He explained everything in detail as this was my first lease and even though it was 10 pm, didn't show any sign of hurry but took the time to answer my questions. I could not take delivery of either car that night because I was alone and had my own car with me. Next morning I called the dealership from CarMax where I had decided to sell my cars and Ira and Ojo arranged pick up. Ojo drove himself and picked us up and spent time explaining the features of the Sienna to my wife. Bottom line, I got a pricing very close to what wanted but what stood out here was 5 different employees of a car dealership all treated me with respect, listened to me and made this deal possible. Kudos to everyone at Lipton Toyota.



"The service I received from each member of the staff at..." The service I received from each member of the staff at LIPTON TOYOTA was excellent/outstanding. I was taken care of in a professional manner and in a way that was easy for me to understand every aspect of the sales, financial dealings, including the internet aspect while going through the process of purchasing my new Camry SE. I want to give a lot of extra recognition to Mr. AL HERNANDEZ for making sure each step of the way went super smoothly. THANK YOU MR. AL HERNANDEZ and the LIPTON TOYOTA STAFF for making the purchase of my TOYOTA CAMRY SE a great experience.



"Joe Richards was AMAZING!!! The entire experience was..." Joe Richards was AMAZING!!! The entire experience was actually enjoyable which is rare in car shopping. Joe was very personable, patient, and great to work with. Joe got me into a 2013 Toyota Corolla S. When this lease is up, I will definitely be going back to Joe for my next vehicle.



"We were just "looking" at new cars. No plan to..." We were just "looking" at new cars. No plan to buy that day. Dalton listened to us instead of pressuring us. So positive experience ended of purchasing that day. Rich did an excellent job carrying us through the finance maze, Post sales Penny confirmed we made the right choice by following up post sales.



"My experience at Lipton Toyota was great. The sales..." My experience at Lipton Toyota was great. The sales associate and the finance person both delivered exactly what I asked for and exceeded my expectations. They listened to what I wanted and delivered.



"They were helpful without being too pushy. Willing to..." They were helpful without being too pushy. Willing to show many cars and showed patience. I looked at 4-5 cars and they were knowledgeable about their products.



"I just purchased a white 2013 Toyota Tundra 4x4 from this..." I just purchased a white 2013 Toyota Tundra 4x4 from this dealership, the sales person was excellent. The main reason why I purchased from Lipton was the price, I got my Tundra from Jimmy for $229 a month it was called "The General Manager's Special" this price was much lower than any other dealer in Fort Lauderdale. Thank you Dwayne W.



"My husband and I came in the dealership looking for a..." My husband and I came in the dealership looking for a second car. At first, we were priced out of our budget, but they were willing to work with us to where we needed our payments to be. Once we selected the car, it was a very smooth process to sign and drive. They also had great additions- a fill up gas card and tint on the windows! We were very happy they wanted us as customers, and we are thrilled to be part of the Toyota Family once again! Thanks



"Luis Trujillo was very friendly and knowledgeable. Ira..." Luis Trujillo was very friendly and knowledgeable. Ira Goldstein gave me the great deal I asked for! Penny Sullivan was very friendly. Anthony Spence was quick with the paperwork! Service Department was clean and friendly and the complimentary sandwich was very tasty!



"Mr. Ramsey was awesome!! He has a great deal of knowledge..." Mr. Ramsey was awesome!! He has a great deal of knowledge about the vehicles and was able to answer all of my questions. He was fun but also very professional. My next car will be sold by mr. D. Ramsey. Thank you your great service and dedication.



"Keila Felipe assisted me with a Bluetooth issue. She was..." Keila Felipe assisted me with a Bluetooth issue. She was knowledgeable and assisted me in a matter of minutes. Keila was also very professional and its people like Keila that really make the difference in our community and for that reason I will remain a loyal customer of Lipton Toyota.



"I had the best service here! I purchased a camry fully..." I had the best service here! I purchased a camry fully loaded, I am not very technological and I am grateful Barbara had so much patience and was able to assist me. She even helped my friend that purchased an Avalon in Orlando and like every dealer the sales person just gives you the keys and goodbye... I felt like I was a celebrity with the red carpet treatment I was given. Thank you Lipton! You are all bless to have an employee like Barbara. Thank you to Al and Jc also.


Brandon Knova

I have been going to Lipton Toyota for over 3 years now. I have to say I am impressed every time. The Service Department has always been up front and honest with me...such a relief to be able to get an honest opinion, fair prices too! The sales staff are very friendly and helpful. Steve Jensen, the General Manager has personally helped two of my family members that I referred. You guys rock!!!


Jay Louis

A couple of months back I took my car to get fixed great service come from Harry!!! great customer service really took time and help me understand what was going on with my car. Also I was able to drop my car and the transporter was very friendly ..... overall a great experience.... glad I got a Toyota



I love the gas economy of my new Scion IQ, it is a fun car to drive and my salesman Miguel at Lipton Toyota was awesome! A great place to buy your car. Nice people do deal with and the service department is unreal. The salesmen listen to what you want and try to find the best match for you without any pressure like other dealers I dealt with this week. Thank you Lipton!



"Buying my new Sequoia from Lipton Toyota was the best car..." Buying my new Sequoia from Lipton Toyota was the best car decision I have made. I had a great experience from the moment I walked into Lipton Toyota until I drove off in my new car. Kudos to the staff at Lipton for being professional and accommodating. You have made another customer very happy!



Michelle is an amazing customer service person. She gets it done!


Clayton M

Listen here, initially I went here just to test drive a vehicle that I've considered. During the test drive I told Rafael, the pre-owned sales manager, exactly what I wanted. He took me to the secret stash, vehicles that had not yet been processed for sale, and showed me my dream truck. He fought off other salesmen to reserve the right to sale it to me. Rafael was so pleasant throughout the entire sales experience. And when it was all said & done, I drove off with the truck off my dreams. So, so, very satisfied customer.



"I spoke with Rick Namm over the phone and he was more..." I spoke with Rick Namm over the phone and he was more than helpful, he genuinely cared about what I wa trying to accomplish. When I arrived I worked with Lisa and she was not only informative but entertaining as well. They made my car purchase fun and dealing with the Internet dept I know I got the best deal!



"My experience with the dealership was very quick and..." My experience with the dealership was very quick and easy. I worked with Miguel Catalano on this transaction and I would definitely recommend this dealership for anyone who needs a new Toyota.



"We had a really amazing experience at Lipton Toyota...." We had a really amazing experience at Lipton Toyota. Miguel Catalano was the man who helped us out with picking our car(2012 Silver Toyota Camry SE). Miguel is a great sales rep, he was very helpful and friendly. Anthony Spence the Finance Manager is very professional and provided excellent customer service. Wayne Feldman was very excellent as well. Wayne Feldman explained all of the different features of our new vehicle. We have lived in many different states and this was the best car buying experience we have ever had.


Adam C.

I've been bringing my '97 Toyota Camry and '02 Lexus LS430 here for years for service. I use several different places for servicing my cars but Lipton is one of my favorites. I've had some major work done but usually just minor things since these cars are built so well. Everyone in the service department has always treated me well.

My service advisor is Bob Stanisich and he almost always fits me in without an appointment, even when they appear quite busy. He even offers me a loaner vehicle which is expected at the Lexus dealer but not Toyota, so thats always nice. Rob is my usual tech and he's always courteous to me, plus he's very thorough with discussing any work on my car. Both seem to pay close attention to my needs, even for minor services. The prices are very reasonable and fair, especially for a dealership.

All in all I'm happy with my experiences here, and with so many incompetent auto repair places here in S Florida it is nice to be treated well once in a while.



My wife and I went in to Lipton Toyota to purchase a new Sienna on a Saturday afternoon. We educated ourselves about the vehicle, price, and options and had realistic expectations for price and payments. We initially dealt with Angela and Don through email. Their response times were very quick and professional. The price we were quoted was accurate and there were no tricks or deceptive practices.

The finance department was a pleasant experience as well. We were given many different finance options and felt comfortable with the process. The finance person worked hard to keep our interest rate low.

We purchased an additional option that needed to be installed at a later date. We were told that the service department would call us in a few days to schedule an appointment. The service department called us first thing Monday and set up our appointment. We brought the vehicle in and were told it would take about an hour for the install. The promptness of the service department showed when our vehicle was ready within the hour as we were told.

Don made us feel very comfortable and showed us around the dealership introducing us to the parts department and also the service manager. The whole process once we arrived at the dealership was only a few hours and hassle free. There was no stress or aggravation. I feel that we received great customer service, price, and experience with the whole dealership. I would recommend this dealership to others and already have.



"Hassle-free experience purchasing a vehicle. Joe Richards..." Hassle-free experience purchasing a vehicle. Joe Richards earns a buyers trust. I recommend him to any car buyer who seeks a stress-free experience.



"I just purchased a Toyota Tacoma from Miguel Catalano and..." I just purchased a Toyota Tacoma from Miguel Catalano and everything went smoothly at Lipton Toyota in Ft.Lauderdale. The service people were very knowledgeable and friendly and gave me free car mats. This is my second purchase from Lipton and my family will continue to buy their cars at this dealership.

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